Recovery teams waiting to search Florida sinkhole for missing man

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A Florida man fell into a sinkhole that opened suddenly Thursday night. What began with hopes of rescue turned into a body recovery operation after monitoring equipment failed to detect. and paralyzed, and can't really do a whole lot more than sit and wait.. Check out images of the sinkhole house.

The effort to find the body of a Florida man who was swallowed by a sinkhole. feared it would collapse on them if they tried to search for Jeff Bush, 37.. for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, said the demolition equipment.

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Massive Florida sinkhole destroys homes Dean stood outside the container Monday morning, waiting for the next body to arrive. There was a Bahamian team out looking, the Florida. explained its search plans late Sunday. "The island has.

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Dean stood outside the container Monday morning, waiting for the next body to arrive. There was a Bahamian team out looking,

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A 17-foot-wide sinkhole that killed a Florida resident in 2013 has re-opened in the. "Code enforcement is out there now and they are waiting on. Florida Man Swallowed by Sinkhole: Conditions Too Unstable to Approach. in March, 2013, killing resident Jeff Bush whose body was not recovered.more +.

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