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Claiming the home mortgage interest deduction can make a big difference when filing your income taxes. But questions about who gets to claim this tax break often arise when two people pay the mortgage, especially when they aren’t married or will file separate tax returns. Fortunately the Internal Revenue Service.

VacationNow How Unmarried Couples Can Co-Own or Take Title to a Home Mortgage masters group unmarried couples can either hold a title as joint tenants, in which each person owns the property equally and their share is automatically conferred to the other upon death of the first; or as tenants in common, where each person owns a percentage of.

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Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and, legally speaking, there are no protections in place for unmarried couples who co-own a home. We recommend creating a partnership agreement. Similar to a prenuptial agreement this will detail what happens to the home if you two split up.

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The mortgage interest deduction often is a valuable tax break for homeowners. Married couples who file jointly report the entire interest payment on one tax return. The situation is slightly more complicated for unmarried filers. Normally, only one of the two unmarried individuals can take the deduction.

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