Florida company allegedly sold customers mortgage audits to falsely protect them from foreclosure

Schneiderman announced Jan. 22 that STAR Exemption Advisor, YCA Corp. and its business owner Arie Gal have been ordered by a court to deliver full restitution to consumers allegedly victimized by.

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A recent ruling by the Florida Supreme Court could end up paving the way for mortgage lenders to recoup on thousands of mortgage "write-offs" that came in the years following the Great Recession, as many defaulted borrowers rode out a five-year statute of limitations that resulted in their cases.

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Florida company allegedly sold customers mortgage audits to falsely protect them from foreclosure Joe’s Crab Shack employees lose case seeking overtime pay

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Florida company allegedly sold customers mortgage audits to falsely protect them from foreclosure. allegedly solicited upfront payments from customers for a "forensic audit" of their mortgage.

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To protect homeowners in financial difficulty from losing their homes to foreclosure rescue scams, the Florida legislature enacted the Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act. This law imposes tight restrictions on anyone offering services purporting to help you save your residential property from foreclosure.

Florida mortgage company VP charged in fraud case. Coastal allegedly processed payments and payoffs received from borrowers on behalf of the entities, according to the contractual agreements.

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If you think a company’s claims sound too good to be true, it may only be a matter of time before the Federal Trade Commission catches on.. Companies That Have Been Busted for False Claims.