7 Ways to Finance Your Parents’ Elder Care as They Get Older

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Don’t talk down to older people because you assume they won’t be able to understand. If you have to explain something to them, such as new technology, use clear, simple language, but don’t patronize them. Sometimes, a direct approach is the best way to show the older people in your life how you feel.

 · Better yet – ask your parents’ cable or satellite provider to recommend a older adult-friendly remote control with a simple design. Some companies give these to older.

Before you navigate this potentially delicate situation, consider these ways to. if you are an adult child, finding a way to ascertain your elderly parent's financial. Not having the ability to maintain their financial independence as they get older. Granting someone a durable power of attorney for finances and health care.

Although this list is not comprehensive and all-encompassing in any way, the items mentioned here represent some of the most valuable resources that any senior can have as they get older. Here is a list of the different social services available to you as a senior. P.S Some may not be available in your state.

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represent the first generationwho will be likely to spend more years helping their parents than taking care of their children. In nearly one in four U.S. households,

And care planning will greatly influence how your parents save and spend the resources-including real estate-they have available. Think of it this way: The longer you wait to discuss your parents’ long-term care plan, the greater the chance that they’ll wind up living with you.

The talk concerns the elderly parents’ finances, and both the children and their parents may be uncomfortable with this discussion. Too often, elderly people become incapable of handling their finances and paying their bills on time, or they may be vulnerable to scams or ID theft, requiring the protection and intervention of their children.

 · Ultimately they get penalized for that,” Gilfix says. “They look back at all your assets to see how much assistance you need,” he adds. However, parents can start giving gifts more than five years before they need to go to a nursing home. With that money, their children can create a special trust to help mom and dad.

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